The Moral Of The Story 1st Post

Aug 31, 2016

What we are going to do, that is me, myself and I, and anyone I deem fit to contribute to this site is, take the current events and videos we find about people in this country that either contribute or are destructive to what I feel is the foundations of Truth, Fraternity, and Morality.   My Morality may not be your morality so prepare for a challenge.  I will highlight what I think is wrong with your morality as it pertains to this family, this community, this country , this hemisphere and, well, maybe the universe.

Sep 3, 2016

I usually don’t write every day and maybe not for weeks at a time.  I will post stories I find interesting from this source or that.  I write when I’m moved to put my feelings and observations down in writing and hope to get some feedback either good or not-so-good. This is a totally free service I provide and is more cathartic for me probably than informative for you.  I still hope you agree and even like what I post but if you don’t it won’t effect me in any case.

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