I’m a lone wolf rebel Christian, Commenter,  Husband of 45 years, Father of Two Sons, Grandfather of six Grandchildren,  Vietnam and Cold War Veteran of 6 years service including Lackland AFB-Basic Training, Lowry AFB Technical Training, 22nd Bomb Wing Under the 8th Air Force Sac at March AFB, 36th Fighter Wing at Bitburg Germany 3 years, and my final months serving at George AFB Victorville California and 7 Months in the Reserves.

I was a High School Athlete who played in Frosh, Junior, and Varsity Football playing both offense and defense in most games as a Half Back, Full Back, Tight End Pulling Guard and Monster Back on Defense, Wrestled Two Years, Ran Track 330 yard dash as Freshman, 220 in 10th and 11th grades, and heaved the Shot Put.,  Ran a  5.6 second 50 yard dash and a 10.7  100 yard dash.  Climbed an 18 foot rope in Jr. HS in 2.6 seconds.  Was a band member in Jr. High School playing the Coronet.  Self taught acoustic and electric guitars.

Was a first baseman/Pitcher in Little League and selected for the All Stars, Pitcher/Center Fielder in Pony League and played some Lions Baseball.

I was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout member. John Sugar and I and a few other of our fellow cub scouts recruited members, in Sacramento, to start a Boy Scout Troop that before I left in 1964 was over 350 strong.  We went on paper-drives collecting $350.00 in at 1963 dollars for our Troop.

I am an Army Brat to a Bataan-Survivor Bronze-Star-Recipient in The Philippine War With Japan in WWII with two Siblings.

I attended Butte and Cal State Chico colleges majoring in Business, Computer Science, and Psychology.

I have a herd of two goats and a flock of 14 Chickens.

I am a Retired Rural Letter Carrier,  I was Past Shop Steward of the NRLCA.

With the assistance of my teenage son, and fellow AOL Rural Carrier members and Top Union Ranking Officers, who met once a week on Sunday Nights in an AOL Chat Room, created the first social web site for Rural Letter Carriers called the Rural Carrier Information Gateway, that spanned across America in the ’90s and in doing so used MySQL, PHP, Javascript and HTML programming languages to create a database of memberships, a Route Calculator Spreadsheet, used by craft, (and management,) during “Mail Counts”,  that received 5000 hits in 4 hours,  and contact lists for informing our membership on news affecting our jobs before management had the same information, (frustrating management,)  and trained fellow Rural Carriers where On The Job Training fell short in duties and responsibilities enabling them to do their jobs more efficiently and under the Contract Rules that management so often tried to side-step, allowing Rural Letter Carriers to do their jobs without being in the dark and at the mercy of unscrupulous Managers across America.

I created a color-coded interactive database driven system-matrix to manage relief days for our local rural carriers until the Union found out, and stepped in and put a stop to it because I was not getting paid to manage the carriers.  Rules are Rules and that goes both ways.

I am a Tea Party Member, Pro-State-Of-Jefferson, Conservative, Republican, Freedom Loving, Free Market Loving, Descendant of Doggerland, United Kingdom, Bruges Belgium, Wales, Hamilton Scotland, Cheviot Hills on the Borders Of Scotland and England, Rheinland Platz Deutschland and I am the 10th Great Grandson of Robert Bruce according to Ancestry.com,  the forth Grandson of William Henry Weaver a Civil War Veteran of The South and POW,

and 24th Great Grandson of Diego Velázquez according to Ancestry.com

I am a stubborn, yet friendly, strong yet gentle at times average person who can compete with the best of them, and like a Lion who lays down with the Lambs have a temper that I control, and can see two sides to every argument, except Bill And Hillary Clinton’s self-enrichment programs “The Clinton Foundation”, or especially the Muslim Barry Barrack Obama enriching Malik, his adopted daughter with 12.2 Million Dollars at the Taxpayers Expense.

I am an anti-globalist, anti-socialist, anti-progressive, Constitutionalist, Anti-infringement-pro-1st and 2nd Amendment, free market loving believer in the Original American Ethic of liberty and Justice for All and an avid Pro-President Trump and his Cabinet.