US-China-North Korea-Global Liberal Politics

It would appear to me, that North Korea is a puppet of China and that their efforts to launch their latest and greatest technology, i.e. Ballistic Missiles is a provocation to see what the allies of the United States will use as a counter measure so they can determine how to counter the counter measures of the West and as Global Terrorism to strike fear in Western Culture to kneel to Liberal Corporate Pressures that want the moral foundations of Judea-Christian philosophy purged from the oversight it brings to human rights so they can justify air, and water pollution, and unobstructed human slavery for sexual trafficking.

It would also appear that China, Russia, and North Korea want the US to become liberal satellites and have infiltrated our Universities, Government, and Commerce trying to purge God in every way from Western Countries through the use of Economic Leverage, Political Correctness, Islamic threats, that will provoke military measures designed to allow Islam to slaughter Christians and Jews, waiting long enough until enough carnage has been perpetrated on those  who are spiritual in their foundations to the point that God can be totally outlawed in Western Civilization, aligning with Eastern Liberalism.

Traditional Marriage coupled with the foundational Churches that have kept Biblical tradition alive but is faltering under the pressures of Political Correctness, Mass Media and Marketing, and Liberal Laws designed to bring down the Church and all those who live with that moral compass opting instead for legal Child-Molestation, Pedophilia, NAMBULA,  adultery, by redefining gender under the law.

We can thank the Clintons, Sunny and Cher, shows like Laugh-In, Jonny Carson, and yes even Eugene Wesley “Gene” Roddenberry  for warping our moral traditions to suit Progressive Ideas that open up unfettered sexual moores that allow Birth Control, Abortion, Sexual Exploitation of youth, and the perversion that is our entertainment industry.

Marketing rules the day, while dreams are exploited for their economic enrichment to the movers and shakers in the industry while our quaint religious historical foundations are deemed inconvenient by the modern day equivalent of carpet baggers who sell and sell the progressive ideology to the masses using the Military, Universities, The Tech Industrial Complex, Public Schools and Unions to inoculate Western Countries from God replacing him with the Supreme Computer Monitor and Virtual Reality Goggles.

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