Open Borders Proponent And Globalist: Tim Kaine – The Moral Of The Story

Tim has an admirable resume.  He’s smart, has the highest accolades but for some reason looked foolish while on the Clinton-Kaine campaign trail running against Donald Trump.

His passion is helping Catholic Hondurans out of poverty, which is an admirable goal and Godly Goal but to do it he has to victimize an entire country of hard working Citizens of the USA.

His route to elevating the poor from Honduras is to grant them all the rights and privileges people from the United States have worked lifetime to receive, without earning it here in the USA.

Things like affordable co-pays and Healthcare, the reason we chose some jobs over others.

In the 70’s and 80’s after serving my country honorably with 6 years in the USAF, I got a 2 year Associates Degree on the GI bill, in Business Admin and Computer Science, working 20 hours a week in the Admin Office of the college while my wife took a job as a Sales Clerk in Montgomery Wards to make ends meet while living in an old single wide mobile home on my Wife’s Parents acre of land.

Our situation changed in that time because of family tensions.  We were living in a single wide trailer on my wife’s parents land while I was attending community college on the G.I. bill  and as usually happens with siblings and family, (family tensions proceeded my getting a full BA degree.)  I was about a year shy of my Bachelors Degree.

The economy was faltering, so we moved into a trailer park 10 miles out of town into a Hispanic Community.

We only had one vehicle and my wife took a job as a Clerk/Manager in a Gas Station, and my ability to work for a Software Firm in my old Town was cut off for lack of a vehicle.

I found an old Dodge Pickup, and scrounged some Lawn Mowers and I then worked mowing lawns to help feed the family I had started while in the service, running a business I had to pay the full amount of Social Security, Income Taxes, the cost of the equipment I used to mow lawns, the Truck, the Trailer, the lawn mowers, the trimmers, the gas to keep it all going and compete with others doing the same thing.

I took a second job running a Contract Route for the post office, (maybe a half day job.)   I did that for a couple of years when I was asked to become a Rural Route Relief carrier by a Rural Carrier that needed a sub.

We had another Child.  We are now at population Zero. (That balance proposed by liberals in the 60’s that would save the world, world resources and keep us from Global Warming.)

Now my wife is running the Contract route, (She gave up the management job after being robbed at Gun Point by blacks robbing everyone on the I-5 corridore.)

I’m relieving the Regular once a week, for sick days and the days after Holidays, (the worst mail delivery days of the year,)  a tradition in the USPS, and still I’m mowing lawns while the Wife runs the contract route and burning through vehicles because delivering mail is hard on brakes, and engines.

I still don’t have medical benefits, so any illnesses I have to pay are out of pocket for me and my family which some did crop up and so I finally get on AFDC, (embarrassing as that was I had no choice.)

Finally I convert to Rural Carrier Associate, which gives me the right to bid on a Regular Rural Route after 90 days of, (which amounts to about a year of relieving.)   That forced us to give up the Contract Route because they considered it a conflict of Interest to have a private job with them and a Federal Job with them.

We get a section 8 house, sweat equity subsidized home at 11.875 interest rate and then sell the trailer for $3000.00 less the $500 we put into it to make it sellable.

We are working 20 hours a week helping to build 9 homes together with 8 other families who become our neighbors.  I’m mowing lawns, relieving on the Route.  My wife then get’s hired on as a Rural Carrier Associate and we are making out better than before.

My wife also get’s hired on in much the same fashion.    We give up the business, lose all the hassles that go with running a business and work as Federal Employees, and can now afford a house and pay it off.

We raised two Children in that house, one went on to get a Master’s degree in Psychology and Education and became an Elementary School Teacher and is now Flipping Homes and an Investment Advisor, while the other went on to a career in Software Engineering.

Tim Kaine wants to slap Me and all of my Neighbors in the face, who had similar jobs and life experiences to Me and my Wife by flooding our country with undocumented, illegal immigrants taking the jobs that would otherwise go to worthy American Citizens or worthy Legal Green Card holders and undermine our Health Care by jacking up the Co-pay and increasing the deductible to the point where it is only a catastrophic benefit not regular health care, while covering the poor and illegal immigrants, just to benefit wealthy entrepreneurs who make larger profits off of illegal immigrants than knowledgable Legal Residents and make bleeding heart Catholic liberals like Tim Kaine look Presidential.

Why does Honduras have priority over others who have come here legally and played by the Rules?  Because it makes Tim Kaine look Presidential!!!

It feeds the Establishment’s Globalist visions, (those who have all the Papers and Laurels that directly benefit off of Globalism like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio,)  and a host of others that run the Political Machines as well as the Hollywood Rich Class.

Average American’s with Average I.Q.’s ,(Deplorable/Irredeemable Americans,) who are the majority of people in this land are stuck in Average Situations while the smart people like Tim McCain, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Brown,  force a Morality that is religious in it’s nature but turns the Legal, Worthy, American Citizen into a Cash Cow for the aforementioned Scoundrels who don’t serve and represent the Average U.S. Citizen as their mandate dictates, but serve something else and Take our Liberties in the process while becoming Millionaires serving in Congress, the Senate, and as Governors of States and Movie Stars.

The moral to this story is We paid a lot of dues, Me serving in the military, Her a Military Wife, working many menial jobs in many capacities, Us both getting an education on my GI bill, a benefit of service to protect this land,  to finally land a job that pays medical, and is secured by Union Membership after years of hardship all for nothing in the end at our retirement age because the benefit is ripped to pieces by self serving Politicians and Hollywood Elite who don’t have the same worries and the hardest decisions they have to make is what off-shore bank account to put their money in, what state to incorporate in that doesn’t tax, where to invest their money and where to take their Holidays, flying there in their personal Lear Jet, so they can sail in their 50′ yacht.  They all live the dream that is yanked away from us and make us pay for it.

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2 thoughts on “Open Borders Proponent And Globalist: Tim Kaine – The Moral Of The Story”

  1. This is the crux of the problems we face in America, that which turns one race against another, one race searching for a religion that is also a government, aka Sharia Law to burn down the society that exploited everyone equally, but when you dig deeper it’s about power, manipulation and control, and it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, you can get trampled by the greedy. There are greedy Socialists, Greedy Communists, Greedy Fascists, Greedy Christians, Greedy Muslims, Greedy Jews, and Greedy Progressives and they all have these things in common, they are smart, clever, manipulative, almost clairvoyant and can be charming when it suits them.