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I grew up in Iran as the son of a Naval officer. As a graduate of the United States Navy Academy and a career naval officer, I served as a SEAL in the Naval Special Warfare community where I was stationed and served around the world. More recently, I commanded troops in Iraq and Afghanistan over six years following September 11, 2001. I have spent my life fighting for what I believe in.

What makes us a great country — and a military superpower — is the integration of women into the force. And it starts with education.

Not only does an education equip girls with knowledge, but it gives them a solid foundation from which to launch their lives. I remember clearly the day my daughter stood in our kitchen, opened up a small white envelope, and learned that she had won a scholarship. The fact that someone thought she was worthy of that money, wanted to invest in her mind and her growth, changed the way she saw herself — it strengthened her sense of self-worth.

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  1. This highlights how critical Parents are in the success or failure of their Children. They can empower or they can compete with and stifle.