Lucifer’s Banker turns Whistleblower – YouTube

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National Socialism:

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12 Democrat staffers arrested, charged with voter fraud | Conservative News Today

If convicted, the defendants face a prison term of up to 2 and 1/2 years.

Source: 12 Democrat staffers arrested, charged with voter fraud | Conservative News Today

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Bernie Sanders attacks Trump nominee for following teachings of Christ | Fox News

On Wednesday, Russell Vought, President Trump’s nominee to be deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, was viciously attacked by Sen. Bernie Sanders over his Christian faith.

Source: Bernie Sanders attacks Trump nominee for following teachings of Christ | Fox News

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Bernie Sanders Launches Assault on American Christians ⋆ The Constitution

Sen. Bernie Sanders is a Communist, a selective constitutionalist, and an anti-Christian bigot.

Source: Bernie Sanders Launches Assault on American Christians ⋆ The Constitution

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“Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results”. The Lesson We Learned From The Election Of Donald Trump

We have a dilemma. The World is now connected making it smaller and easier to manage. If we get money out of the equation, then all people will not only be created equal in the eyes of God, but equal through the  practice of a benevolent government.

No one but the zealous practitioners of Faith want to bring God into the equation but we really can’t escape God’s influence in our thinking throughout History that led us to our views on equality today.

Equality is in the Judeo-Christian hard fought premise embedded in the World Psyche of religions adhering to the Golden Rule, it bridges all Faiths, so can’t be ignored but flies in the face of Socialism, Academia, Feminism, Progressivism,  Royal Families, and Governments.

The God of Abraham was a God of the Slaves that governments couldn’t deny or fight without acquiescing to Jehovah’s influence and has slowly bolstered fairness in treatment of all until Unions superseded Christian long suffering with their so-called fairness doctrine that now excludes that which gave them purchase, the fairness of Christianity.

Constantine embedded the Church into the Government hence the Catholic Church was born which eventually was exposed as a corrupt institution hungry for it’s own power and outlawed owning a Bible by non-vetted Clergy of which the penalty was death, also accepting money in payment for sins in the way of indulgences, committed by the landed Gentry, due to the natural mischief that wealthy people of means often find themselves in, just like the Cocain-Methamphetimine habits they so often get involved in out of boredom, the need for affirmation of their higher standing, and needy rebellion of their offspring happening in this day and age.

The printing press and compulsory education brought on a revolution in understanding the non-latin Bible Stories that were no longer limited to government sponsored latin speaking Catholic Fathers and Preachers who interpreted the Bible, keeping them above their members allowing for their judgment and moralizing,  contrary to the Bible’s purpose as clearly outlined in the books of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The Protestant Revolution brought mass education and put a Bible in everyones hands who wanted it, leading to a questioning of Authority, and Christian’s were no longer denied the true message from Jesus Christ which was one of Peace, Love, and Cooperation flying in the face of rebellious Children, Government’s, Businesses, and Militaries giving the average man a higher moral ground than their betters by means of the “Golden Rule”, the nullification of imposed sin and knowledge of their place in God’s plan.

The Sermons of Jesus Christ could be classified as Spiritual Socialism and flies in the face of the Rich and Powerful Capitalists and money changers, including but not limited to the five Jewish Banks who control the bulk of the worlds assets and wealth,  who considered themselves as anointed by God as Shepherds of his flocks who had absolute authority over the peasants of their land and titles.

The public these days are strong armed into paying high taxes, buying foods embedded with high fructose corn syrup that addict them to uncontrollable weight gain, Diabetes, high Blood Pressure, and Disease due to the stress brought on by harsh working, competitions, commuting, and media conditions that through their need for employment, housing and transportation makes them slaves of harsh masters seeking wealth and fortune they could never achieve or rise to in a million lifetimes.

They don’t have time or means to grow their own healthy foods because of the constraints put on them and their families by regulation and earning a living, (getting back to favoritism, unionization, control, and job security through nepotism of connected individuals.)  It’s who you know, not what you know.

The very medical people who are suppose to “Do No Harm” are there just to treat the symptoms not the disease and profit from their lack of knowledge of fitness not taught in schools, and health even perpetuating that by their reliance on medications,  NSAIDS and antibiotics and controlling the media that puts them to sleep at night with all the addictive negativity that is media.

Some people are probably treated properly, guided properly and kept healthy, but you can’t make a living and keep people coming in for treatments by curing them nor pay for the expensive high tech computers and cat-scanners.

The Government that is there supposedly to protect us, are paid off on such a grand scale to line the pockets of International Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Investment and Insurance Companies that don’t pay their insurance claims, don’t take care of Veterans, and addict us to unhealthy foods, stresses and personal habits, making risky investments with our savings and retirement, moving their assets and jobs out of country when we gain enough power to regulate them and secure our health and liberties, constantly devaluing our money and standard of living while boosting their own and expose us to all kinds of atmospheric and water born cancer causing toxins in the name of feeding the the 7-8 Billion People on the planet and providing living wage jobs, but in reality it’s in the name of controlling competition and making more money on their products at our expense leveraging their own power and control through the legal and financials systems in place.

They accomplish that through Super PACS, bribery, murder, and controlling the media at all levels, Patents, Copyrights, embedding CIA into the Universities, Government Agencies, and Law Enforcement, paying mercenaries to murder people that stir up wars, and arrange for the untimely death of Judges, and Leakers to protect their Fiefdoms from discovery in the Courts that might have to shut them down.  Who in this day and age can afford quality legal council?

The Moral Of The Story?

The Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous which was copyrighted in 1981. It is found on page 11 of the final “Review Form” which was distributed to the fellowship in November of 1981. The quote in that text is “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results”.

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Apple Using 5000 Acre Base In Berlin For Research – Rex Moore – Motley Fool

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